Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I don't mind going through all this problems.I don't mind waiting for to be back.I don't mind if u are gonna leave me in 2 months time,as long as i try my best.Things gonna be harder if u leave me now.Yesterday was a mistake but i didn't regret it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I miss your irratating cool face whenever u see a mirror.I miss yours irratating+nagging voice.It's not gonna happen anymore.I miss you,I miss u this bastard.For the past few days,days was really horrible for me.I break down almost all the time whenever i think of you by looking at your picture,missing u in my mind or even closing my eyes.You will always appear....I filled my life with guys sms but there isn't any help.I need you the most....Exam was horrible and whenever i completed my exam tears will always start to drop like running tap.Everynight,i cried more than two hours for you,hugging my phone in my arm to sleep. Will you come back to me?i want to because i really love you.Without u life is really useless...I don't know if we should be back together as polytechnic life is starting and there are more chiobu there.Shall give u a chance to take a look first.Gna wait for you to come back.Even you don't,i'm gonna at least stalk you and see how's ur life.I miss you kenneath yong wei xiang:(

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Haha.Laughs.Most of the picture above are unglam.but i do not need your comment(:
Went Warren to have Lunch>Back home>Went Bino house celebrite Christmas>Lot one>home.
Dont look like go celebrition lo.Sian lo.But at least got more present to collect.This year present is the most de lor.Happy^^ then went lot one to buy food then home(:Sms until forget buy Tanya's share.haha.kena scold after that=p

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wtf?!haha.i drew this.Okay.My art seriously fail!wanted to draw snoopy and this is what i drew.Laughs!Sorry that i didnt drew a nice snoopy like margaret's.But at least i tried my art kept fail de.but one day i will draw the snoopy as nice as her.Lastly,keep those comment to yourself(:

Merry Christmas to all!(: I bet this Christmas is the best so far in my life!hehe.Recieve sms from Snoopy straight 12 just now.Damn happy de you mei you?haha.Lols!Okay,going to celebrite Christmas later at night at someone's house.

Yesterday went orchard to take some picture.Didnt upload as i'm not inside lots of picture.Didnt have the mood leh.Also dun know why=x.okay,abit sot la ytd.haha.

Today,went lot one to change my new school bag(: Currently,same bag as snoopy.HAHA!(:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(KL photo'10)

Went JMC today>Vivo>Bp>later home.

Was suppose to pluck teeth today so that i'm ready for braces.but dunno who hor didnt make appointment properly,which is me.haha!!Then now have to pluck 4 teeth.Omg~don't think i can stand to pain sia-.-.but bobian(: . Went Vivo to boughts sister plus cousin present at some unknown shop.Then went to Grandma house at BP.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Went Northvale for swimming today around 4+ with Aunt and Tanya>Home>Lot one to buy my new school bag.Bought only that looks similar to him but hor got different la.Don't want same later say i copy.haha!(: >home(:

What i want for Christmas is you(:
Other than that,I don't really need.
Most importantly,is you(:

What i want for 1st month?
Kiss me on my cheek?Can ma?
haha JOKE~
No lar.i didnt expect so much from you(:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Omg,Having panda plus alittle swollen eyes.Hehe
Save those nasty comment to yourself(:

Today woke up about 11+(: then text,watch tv>IKEA to buy my room de thing and etc>Home>piano lesson with Tricia>Stagmont for awhile>Home>Eat>computer(:

Finally everything is back to normal(:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drawn by margaret.Look damn cute right?haha!Love it ttm!(:

found this picture that is taken long ago.Look quite different now liao=x

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Went Kl on saturday morning.freaking didnt sleep for the whole la about 8.15 till 8.27 then prepared to go KL with family. Night,went to celebrite grandma's brother birthday at the restaurant next to our hotel.

Day 2, Went lot 10 to ate >then timesquare to shop>Hotel>photo taking>Hotel>sleep

Day3, went to ate breakfast with my sisters,cousins and maids at the hotel then went shopping to get my new schoolshoe,one superman shirt and etc i forgot liao>headed to Genting.Spend about 30mintues going up the mountain before we reach.the weather was kinda cold.Thai food for dinner(Y)then arcade.

Day 4,Went to themepark(Indoor&Outdoor)to play. sueysuey play the Topgun(Space shot),make until my neck.then pain like hell.cant put my head straight-.-lucky got the thing to paste then the next day okay liao.

Day 5,Dad bought breakfast for us then we woke up about 10plus then eat>headed to eat lunch>Back to someone's house then i and my cousin and co headed to JB while my parents and sister headed back to singapore.Night: Chat on Msn with Snoopy then went Kbox about 12 with cousin's mum and return at 3.

Day 6,woke up about 10.30am and went saloon with my cousin's mum to reborn my hair while she perm her hair.everything done at 5 then back to her Aunt's house to eat dinner then back to singapore.

Argh!!shag sia.wondering if i did the right thing.Imy so much do you know?sorry for what i did to disappoint you.i didnt know it would be worsen after i said all this.Sorry for not saying it earlier.Its kinda late to say all right now.Tomorrow,less than 24 hour.i know that its really hard for you to change your mind.i know the answer le.but i wont give up so fast.i would try my best.we have walk so far but just by what i did everything ended.I think that its not zhi de lor.but i really did a mistake that not everyone accept me.i though you will accept it that why i tell you.i didnt know this would happen.I really want you badly.I dont wanna lose you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday night,Went prawning damn fun de lor^^
Sunday,Went to bought my new bed and light(:
Monday,Went to buy paint>rot at home-.-
Tuesday,Went to jurong,back home to paint my room(:
seriously,i didnt meant to spend so much de alright?But you really seems like u bky me de-.-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday,Went to see furniture with parents>Limbang>home(:]

Tuesday,Went to hospital to check my hand>Dad office>Home>went out to eat>Went to find jack and Dh>home(:

Wednesday,Taxi to margaret house then bus 975 to panjang to meet Zhen feng,Wen Zhong then 963 to sentosa and Kelmon join us. Home at 9(:


Friday,Lavender to collect mum's passport with parents>Eat>Chinatown>home>Lot one(Watch movie) with Tanya>Grandma house

Saturday,Bpp>Home>Prawning(Later) (:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday,Went Lavender>Eat>Home>movie with Tanya.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chit chat with 3 person ytd around 1+ was kinda pekcek as i cant recognise their voice-.-/
Woke up today and went for dance practise.Then Sunshine for bubbletea(:Then went Bugis with parents and sister,was quite a fun one(:enjoy myself to of cus!:D bought some clothes too.Then Mustafa..OMG..haha!and back home(:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Went to see some bed fames at some unknown places>Limbang>Home with Parents and Tricia

I feel very lousy after what you told me and said to me...How much i wish i could just ignore you and don't care.but when you said something that is hinting me that you are angry,i would alwayeverys say something so that everythings would be forgotten.But this time round,uyour words are really powerful.Just by on sentence,I cant control myself.What did i do wrong?Can you tell me?!Whats the F*** problem is happening?Because of him,everything is a misunderstanding you kept using his name.__ lar.Cant you just understand me???I wish you could understand.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello^^ had dance today from 1-4 then went Margaret house to collect my clothes and Sunshine for bubbletea(:
Was kinda shock when my parents support me to learn piano(:Gna learn soon^^happy.
Saturday,1+ to 3+ in the midnight, went to eat Supper and headed to Mustafa with Karen,Dino,Bino,Edwin.Enjoyed myself there as it seem that everything was so funny to me...Kinda crazy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I do not need nasty comment(:
Today,Fareast>Taka>Wisma>Luckyplaza>Bpp with Karen(:
Bought some new shirts!(:
Eh,wtf?!u took my things without any permission from my room(i think)
Still read through and give me question.You know i going town and shouldn't it be a fun day?
Just simpliy 1 phone call and i jitao bad mood__.I say dun touch my things before right?
Walao.I going out,u tell me about study.Cant i go home say?Cant find my Science de then too bad la.KNN.Friday just buy book so rush for what?!Go buy school buy like win toto like that,want go collect money-.-.ask u do other thing like want your life.aiya,i fuck care.At least my mood now is back!(:
Anyway,I didn't give up on you(:

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Thanks for letting me know what you are thinking.
Thanks for the few days although it isn't really memorable(:
I was really sad and it was only a short period of time when we are together
I didnt choice the wrong person and please don't put the blame on youself okay?
As none of us are wrong.
If u didnt tell me,isn't the result gonna be worse?
How much i wish we could be together again.
Would you want?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday,Went to find peng guang then Wee teck,Jerwayne,Germanda come and lot for us at Panjang.then went Bp Plaza to eat then Jerwayne and Germanda accompany me to Jp to buy my Vintage bag^^ then buy Jerywayne favourite food?then bus 172 alight at dunno whr then meet Zames and went Lamsoon.


Thursday,Rot at home-.-

Friday,Went Woodland with Parents and Tricia,then lot one,Swimming complex and here,at grandma house

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Save those nasty comments to yourself^^

Didnt went dance today as i overslept(:
Going Eastcoast park tomorrow for class outing!(:I bet it must be fun(:
Friday,going out with Tricia and Siewping!(:

One more thing,is that my mum went operation yesterday.Take care!^^